9 I have been

“我已经照顾我先生四年多了,这期间是挺辛苦的。虽然他改变了很多,也开始渐渐地认不出亲密的朋友和家人,我仍然希望能够好好地照顾他,陪他走完人生最后一段旅程。” (“I have been taking care of my husband for four years and it has been rather tough. Although he has changed a lot and has slowly started to forget friends and loved ones, it is my hope that I will be able to take good care of him, and accompany him as he walks […]

13 the persons living

“The persons living with dementia are unique individuals with stories and characters who yearn to live a dignified life. It is essential for the family, caregivers, and social service practitioners to locate and open the ‘doors’ for connection and journey with them through recognition, respect, and trust.” – Anonymous

8 as an intern

“As an intern back in 2018, I co-managed a client diagnosed with dementia. The client was an active participant in our groupwork sessions, and I also visited his home a couple of times. On one occasion while I was heading home, I saw him at the market near my office and cheerfully waved at him. […]