10 mdm lee

Mdm Lee (not her real name) is a stay-alone person living with dementia. One of the challenges I faced initially was building rapport and gaining her trust. It can feel frustrating at times as she struggles to retain information given to her, and would often get upset with GoodLife! services due to episodes of confusion. […]

11 experiencing dementia

“Experiencing dementia caregiving through interacting with and taking care of a friend’s father who has dementia opened up my perspective about caregivers’ struggles and stresses. I hope there can be greater awareness for the community to become Dementia Friends to create a culture in which persons living with dementia and caregivers are empowered, supported, and […]

18 three years

“Three years ago, while I was still a newbie in the social service sector, my first case was to provide community-based support to a stay-alone senior who was diagnosed with dementia. Mdm H spent most of her time at home looking out of the window or laying in bed waiting for time to pass. It […]

15 when a caregiver

“When a caregiver shared the difficulties and pressure he has to face while caring for his wife, my heart was moved. Despite all his additional responsibilities, he tells me that it is now his turn to repay his loved one for all the care and support she had shown him in all their years of […]

7 as a cargiver

“As a caregiver, I found it most difficult to seek help, as doing so made me feel inept and more importantly, unfilial. I would often berate myself. How could I put myself first when my father had done nothing but shower me with love and support from childhood through to adulthood? This guilt is something […]

17 a caregiver

A caregiver’s reflection on the difficulties of taking care of her husband. 30/09/2018 “Frightened; Distress; How to deal with William’s Sickness; Dementia” Drawing of Burning Sun reflects caregiver’s burnout; “No tears to cry but must be brave.” Drawing of 7 Star-Shape reflects the “power to overcome any obstacles in one’s way with the help, support […]


“I used to feel lousy when my husband who has dementia makes nasty remarks at me or turn violent toward me, but I have learnt to cope as I become more aware about dementia.  I have also learnt to explore different practical ways to manage his behaviour. Humour is also my way of coping with […]


“养育一个孩子;它需要一个村养大一个孩子;养育一个孩子需举全村之力. 身为家里的独生孩子也是社会工作者的我,照顾家中长辈也自然而然也成了我必经之路.. 慢慢地我觉得不仅仅是照顾孩子需要一村,照顾患有失智的长辈更是重要。 我在工作,不能及时应付看护者的责任时,我的亲戚会帮我看着;当有紧急和突发事件时,我的同事和上司的谅解能让我更好的应付;当我身心疲惫,不知所措时,朋友家人的鼓励是心灵鸡汤,是我的良药和喘息。 感謝我們的村子!” – Micki, Caregiver for uncle, 90, with dementia