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“As a caregiver, it is very tough and emotionally draining to look after a dementia patient. Because of my love for my father, and also my prayer to my God to give me grace, strength, understanding, and patience to continue as a caregiver, I am able to care for him until today, even as I […]

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“Whenever I spoke with her, it felt like I was catching glimpses of who she used to be in different times of her life. She could be a high school girl in a minute, and a hardworking mother in the next. My 80-year-old client with dementia reminds me that she is more than who I […]


“我今年70岁。不知不觉看护亲人已3年了,最近她好像记忆越来越差,我只要和她在一起,她什么事都要问,和她解释她又听不懂,好不容易让她明白了,她又反驳我,说我不会讲,真的很烦 。 明知这也不是她想要的,真的搞到我很累,情绪低落。” (I am 70 years old. Unknowingly, I have already been taking care of my loved one for 3 years. Recently, her memory seems to be getting worse. She would keep asking questions but refuse to accept my explanations. Even after understanding, she would incite arguments and blame it on my inability to […]

6 my role

“My role as a social worker reminds me keenly of how it can be difficult for both persons with dementia and their loved ones to adjust to their roles of now receiving and giving care, and that we should seek to support them in this process in a manner that empowers and maintains their dignity.” […]


“以前一句话可以重复说不停,但现在老爸不喜欢开口。这才让我领悟到,可以交流的时候,多跟他交谈。这几年的陪伴和照顾爸爸,也会有辛酸流泪的时候,但他到目前为止,没有给我麻烦。比起其他看护者,我算是小巫见大巫,很幸运了。也许是我抱着感恩心才能走到今天。” (“My father used to be able to repeat a sentence over and over again, but now he doesn’t like to speak. That’s when I realized that while we are still able to communicate with him, we should talk to him more. Accompanying and caring for my father over the past few years have brought […]

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“When seemingly irrational behaviour is exhibited by a person living with dementia, it is likely that beneath that veneer of fear and baseless actions lies an underlying need. What we – as people with the ability to perceive what they cannot – need to do, is find out this underlying need. Though it is hardly […]