A caregiver’s reflection on the difficulties of taking care of her husband.


“Frightened; Distress; How to deal with William’s Sickness; Dementia”

Drawing of Burning Sun reflects caregiver’s burnout; “No tears to cry but must be brave.”

Drawing of 7 Star-Shape reflects the “power to overcome any obstacles in one’s way with the help, support from Angels.”


My husband [was] diagnosed with dementia in 2017. Walking [is] unsteady. [He’s] getting more forgetful, [and saying the] wrong words. [He] has trouble finding the right words to say. [Becoming] frustrated. So, [we] use sign language to point at things, and he will nod his head to agree. So, I must know his habit, likes, and guess what he wants.

[It] is difficult to get help on your own. I try [to] approach some agencies providing information and services on dementia. But some need doctor’s referral letter. One [told me that the dementia] must [be] severe [before they] accept. [Another told me to] call [myself] when ask for help to contact Silver Support. I feel helpless, anxious, bitter, [with] no hope.

So, a doctor’s referral letter, help from community nurses, social worker, and silver Ambassadors will help to solve some problems and get needed help.

– Alice, Caregiver

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