“Three years ago, while I was still a newbie in the social service sector, my first case was to provide community-based support to a stay-alone senior who was diagnosed with dementia. Mdm H spent most of her time at home looking out of the window or laying in bed waiting for time to pass. It took me six months of standing on the ground floor looking up to her 2nd floor window and saying hi to her, before she finally opened her front door to welcome me. The conversations from outside her door initially lasted for 2 minutes, and eventually went on for 15 minutes.

Just before the onset of COVID-19, Mdm H unexpectedly agreed to attend day care. It was a huge leap forward, from an isolated senior who initially did not want to talk to anyone. The initial transition was not smooth sailing, involving every community partner in the case. However, Mdm H slowly developed a good appetite and started attending day care more often.

One day, Mdm H’s daughter called me and was in tears. Mdm H told her daughter: “This is a nice place; can I stay here?”  This was the first time her daughter received acknowledgement and assurance from her mother that she was doing the right thing.

As I pen down this experience, Mdm H had been admitted to a nursing home and adjusting really well in the structured environment. She is not rejecting it nor causing any trouble in the nursing home. I spoke to Mdm H’s daughter today, she told me a huge load had finally lifted of her shoulder.  She is finally assured that her mother is well taken care of.”

Gary Mok, Senior Case Worker from GoodLife! Kreta Ayer

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